Best Dart Shafts To Use: The Right One For You

best dart shafts reviewAre you a newbie in the darts world and looking for suitable dart shafts? Or an experienced thrower wants to grab the better one for a good performance? Confused about which one is the best to rock your family or friends party? Here, I will make your task easy by highlighting the best dart shafts to use with all its feature and offering advantages that make you interest about them. You are at the right place to know about the spinning dart shafts reviews. I know the importance of choosing the appropriate draft shafts that will match your hold and throwing style. And also knowing the fact that each player’s darts shafts vary from the other depending on their weight, flights to the target, and handgrips; I have thoroughly embellished this content as exactly what you need.


What are the things you consider before buying the best dart shafts?

The most social exciting game darts that offers fun to play with children or even to play a competitive game at bars with your friends. When the thing is about choosing the perfect dart shafts, it can be mind-blogging as there are so many varieties within their length, weight and materials. Basically, the beginners start with the most facilely available at their nearest bars. But, gradually as per your throwing style the dart shafts get change within one year.  On the other hand, the professional or experienced dart throwers need high-quality shafts for better performance. There are so many varieties of shafts of different materials like nylon, aluminum, silver or nickel, and wood along with particular shapes to fit your style. As choosing the right kind of dart shaft to depend on the combination of the comfort, your handhold style and the structure of particular shafts; you should go through of a few buying reviews before deciding which one is for you.

05 Best Dart Shafts To Use & Their Reviews

Here in this section, we are just going to list all the 05 Best Dart Shafts that we are going to talk about in details later on!

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  1. Dart World Top Spin Shaft
  2. Tezoro 43mm(20/30/40pcs) Aluminum Short Darts Shaft
  3. Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft
  4. US Darts Silver Super Spin Dart Shaft
  5. Viper Spinster Yukon Aluminum Dart Shaft

1. Dart World Top Spin Shaft

best dart shafts to buy

My first pick is the famous Dart World Top spin shaft. The best part of this shaft is that it does not claim any specific flights set and is able to hold any regular flights set. This shaft can lessen the deflection of an incoming dart by making the rotation of the flight with the spinning top. This planitized aluminum shaft helps you to improve your scoring. It is a complete package of 3 shafts and the medium length is 1.78″. These excellently built dart shafts are shorter than the standard size. It provides perfect and straight aligned threads that offer the capability of attaching flights without lotsa frictions.


• Light weighted and strong dart shafts
• Very well designed built and works well.
• Easily go with flights and stay in.


• It is shorter than the standard size dart shaft so can cause suiting issue.

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2. Tezoro 43mm Aluminum Short Darts Shaft

Tezoro Aluminum Short Darts Shafts review

The Tezoro 43mm (20/30/40 pcs) Aluminum Short Darts Shafts Dart Stems Throwing Fitting with O’ring comes originally packed by Tezoro TradeMarks. This product assures high quality but sometimes brightness and colour format may vary a little for the different type of computer monitor or any other fact. For example, sometimes bright green seems like forest green or army green. Its 2BA groove is able to get fit with more darts and appropriately grips the maximum dart flights. You will get only black, blue, red, green colour of these 43mm short length aluminum darts shafts. The product weight is 0.32 ounces and the package includes 1 O’rings per shafts.


• Suitable for smaller dart shaft diameters
• Comes with consistent and nice quality.
• Well priced and nice designed shafts


• It is heavy in weight, so you need to try if it suits your throwing style.

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3. Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft

Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft review

The Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft is a revelation within the dart shaft technology. To take your dart game to the higher level these precision designed shafts offer various amazing features. Compare to the nylon or plastic shafts these remains much longer with their tough features and extremely light weighted graphite rods. These are perfect for point balancing of front-load while you optimize a new way of throwing as the quality level of these shafts allow to withstand tough wear as well as tear. You get the facilities of tightening them up to the barrel for using extra leverage and through minimizing movement dart’s trajectory optimization. These short graphite shafts of three improve the flight path and easily spaces the flight.


• Legit and durable.
• Well designed and engineered
• Do not get loosen even without having orings.


• Heavy in weight
• In some cases can cause rotation problem in air.

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4. US Darts Silver Super Spin Dart Shaft

US Darts Silver Super Spin Dart Shafts review

For spinning draft shafts reviews, I will also recommend this US Darts Silver Super Spin Dart Shafts which are spinning silver aluminium shafts of 2 sets containing 6 shafts. These shafts offer longevity with both the steel body and soft tip darts. This US darts shafts help to lessen deflections from coming darts. These dart shafts 2BA are appropriate for the maximum darts. This Silver Super Spin shafts are suitable for both the professionals as well as the casual users. These high level durable and good quality shafts fit any of your throwing styles. The package also includes 2 sets of O’rings and the product length is 2 1 /8 inches. For a great performance, you should give this a try.


• Comes in a suitable size and length
• Perfect for any style of dart throwing

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5. Viper Spinster Yukon Aluminum Dart Shaft

Viper Spinster Yukon Aluminum Dart Shaft review

The Viper Spinster Yukon Aluminum dart shaft is brilliantly engineered shaft that leads you to give a professional performance at your dart gaming party. The best part of this rotating shaft is that it helps to rotate the flights randomly even while stuck at the board. It helps to eliminate deflection and adding your score. As you know that aluminum shafts are suitable for any throwing style, this shaft withstands any tough challenge of wear as well as tear. With the locking hole, you get the facility of extra leverage for tightening the shafts with the barrel. Thus you can avoid retightening them immediately after one or two shots. Proper spacing, appropriate aerodynamic trajectory – all these are additional plus points of this spinning shafts.


• Smooth and the very best spinning shaft
• Provides a high level performance.


• Can be slight difficult for a new dart thrower.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Best Dart Shafts To Use

  1. What type of dart shafts do the professionals use?

Answer:  Professional dart throwers are reasonably expert at their sports, but obviously they need well-featured shafts for giving a good performance. They concentrate on weight, length and materials of the dart shafts. Actually, it is all about suiting your own grip and throwing capability. Some pros prefer lightweight shafts since they are easy to grip and take small place at the dart board. On the contrary, some pros use heavy weighted and short shafts as they can be easily thrown.

2. Does the weight of dart shafts important for a dart player?

Answer:  Actually, if you are an occasional dart player then the weight shouldn’t be any problem. But for the professional player’s specific weights matter and they need the best dart shafts as that depends on their particular throwing style. Even you will see them to adjoin a gram or two by buying kits to them.

Final Word

So, through my spinning dart shafts reviews, I have discussed on the best dart shafts that will help you to give a high-level performance for your dart games whether you are playing seriously for any professional tournament or casual party games with your friends and family. You may find so many options out there in the market but choosing from there the appropriate one for you is kind of a headache, I guess. I tried to make the task easy for you by presenting the five best dart shafts for you. You can give a try to all of them until you find out your type of configuration.

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